Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nomination to Best Paper Award

The work "Low-complexity Pruned 8-point DCT Approximations for Image Encoding" by V A Coutinho, R J Cintra, F M Bayer, S Kulasekera, and A Madanayake has been nominated to the Best Paper Award based on the obtained scores from the reviewing process of CONIELECOMP 2015.

CONIELECOMP 2015 is an IEEE sponsored international conference and its accepted works are archived in IEEEXplorer.

Congratulations to all authors.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Two Thesis Defenses: Pruned DCT & Approximate DFT

Today we had two successful thesis defenses from our group members: Vítor A Coutinho and Dora M Suarez Villagrán. Both works are on signal processing and fast algorithm design.

Vítor Coutinho defended his thesis entitled
 "Pruned DCT Approximations with Application in Image and Video Coding" [Aproximações para a DCT via Pruning com Apliacações em Codificação de Imagem e Vídeo] 
to the Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering. The work was advised by Dr R J Cintra and Dr R M Campello de Souza. Examining committee was composed by Dr J Ranhel, Dr F M Bayer, and Dr R M Campello de Souza.

To Graduate Program in Statistics, Dora Suarez Villagrán has defended her thesis entitled
"Approximations to the Discrete Fourier Transform and Applications in Detection and Estimation" [Aproximações para a Transformada Discreta de Fourier e Aplicações em Detecção e Estimação].
The work was advised by Dr R J Cintra and Dr F M Bayer. Examining committee was composed by Dr L C Rêgo, Dr H M de Oliveira, and Dr F M Bayer.

Both defenses were greatly successful!

Congratulations to Vítor and Dora!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Accepted Paper in Image Processing

The manuscript "A Multiplierless Pruned DCT-Like Transformation for Image and Video Compression that Requires Ten Additions Only" by V A Coutinho, R J Cintra, F M Bayer, S Kulasekera, and A Madanayake was accepted in the special issue on HEVC of Journal of Real-time Image Processing.

An early (unreviewed) pre-print is available in arXiv here.

This paper is a result from Vitor's dissertation.

Congratulations to all authors!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Beamforming and the Approximate DFT

Group member Dora Suarez has her first published paper with the results of her MSc thesis.

The paper is "Multi-beam RF aperture using multiplierless FFT approximation" co-authored with Dr R J Cintra, Dr F M Bayer, Mr. A. Sengupta, Mr S Kulasekera, and Dr A Madanayke, published in TOP journal Electronics Letters.

A pre-print is also available in arXiv here.

Congratulations to Dora and all co-authors!

Biomedical Image Processing Paper Accepted

Our manuscript "Fast Computation of Residual Complexity Image Similarity Metric Using Low-complexity Transforms" authored by Dr Y. Pauchard, Dr R. J. Cintra, Dr A. Madanayake, and Dr F. M. Bayer was accepted for publication in IET Image Processing.

To the best of our knowledge, this paper is the first to combine approximate discrete transforms and biomedical image processing.

Congratulations to all authors!